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Christmas gift wrap is available with hundreds, even thousands of designs. Which ever one you choose, gift wrap is not only used to disguise and to hide that special Christmas present but to also make it seem even more exciting and intriguing. A nicely wrapped Christmas gift under the tree is a delight to see and somehow adds to this magical and exciting time of year.

Choosing the type of gift-wrap depends entirely on whom the gift is for, what the gift is and probably more importantly, who is wrapping the gift.

Gift-wrapping for kids is exciting and so much fun especially with all the different designs that are available. Gift-wrap for kids tends to have less traditional designs with their favorite Disney and cartoon characters enjoying a Christmas theme. In addition, cute images of cuddly snowmen, fluffy red breast robins, laughing reindeers and, of course, Santa Claus himself are also popular designs for kids gift-wrap.

Of course adults and parents also enjoy receiving gifts wrapped in paper with cute snowmen dressed in woolly hats; however they, especially grandparents, tend to use and receive gift wrap with more traditional and sophisticated designs. The more popular and favorite designs are probably those of Christmas trees, mistletoe, berries and holly leaves. Colors such as red and green are used to give the gift wrap a more traditional feel.

Recent years have seen a rise in the use of more modern and futuristic colors on the gift wrap such as silver and purple. Also, shiny foil like gift wrap is increasing popular, giving gifts that extra dazzle.

For the more creative and adventurous and obviously for people with plenty of time on their hands, making your own gift wrap in not only easy and inexpensive, but also a great way to add that personal and unique touch. To make your gift wrap, you would simply need tempera or poster paint, butchers paper (or brown paper from grocery bags) and sponges in various shapes to create the design. It is possible to buy pre-cut sponges but is more fun to make your own shapes out of regular sponges. Simply spread the butcher’s paper out on a flat surface, dip the sponge shape into the paint and then stamp the sponge over the surface of the paper. To add that special touch, sprinkle glitter over the wet painted paper. Voilà, home made Christmas gift wrap!


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