Unusual Christmas Gifts

Surprise loved-ones with unusual Christmas gifts

Less mainstream Christmas Presents

The demand for unusual Christmas gifts is growing in the States. Nowadays people like to give and receive gifts that are meaningful and which require a lot of care and thought.

For the ultimate unusual Christmas gift, why name a star after the special person in your life? The gift comes in a presentation pack with details and information about the star, including its exact location in the galaxy.

For those of you who can't be with loved-ones this Christmas, a lovely gift idea is the Hugs for Friends series of books. It will show that special someone how much they mean to you, and is a wonderful gift to treasure throughout the year.

Another alternative gift idea, especially if you live miles away from the recipient, is to buy them a restaurant voucher which they can redeem at their chosen location. Buy a Restaurant.com Gift Certificate and Save 50% on your next meal!

If you really want to make a difference this Christmas, how about donating an animal to a family in the developing world on behalf of your loved-one? There are organizations that give people the opportunity to donate livestock including hens, cows, goats and even trees to some of the poorest families in the world. By donating these animals you would be helping the families to become self-sufficient and eventually be able to live healthier and happier lives. Donating livestock in honor of a friend or family member is easy and a very worthy cause.

Another unusual Christmas gift that you could present your friends and family with is a book of homemade gift coupons. These are meaningful gifts, which have that personal touch and are ideal if the budget is a little tight. Why not give your elderly neighbour a book of “coupons” that promise you will add their list to yours next time to go to the store to do some grocery shopping? Or give your kids a book of coupons that they can redeem in exchange for a sleepover party with their friends?

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