Homemade Christmas Gifts and Ideas

Save money with these easy-to-follow homemade gift suggestions

Homemade Christmas Presents

Homemade Christmas gifts are a fantastic idea especially for friends and family who seem to have everything or are hard to buy for. Making your own Christmas gifts will save you money too, so is a great idea if the budget is small. Whatever the reason you choose for giving your friends home-made gifts, the important thing is that the gift will be unique and from the heart.

A personalized calendar is a very simple but effective Christmas gift to make. All you need is a wall calendar (which are often handed out to customers by banks or insurance companies) and 12 pictures of friends and family, one for each month of the year.

It would be ideal to select pictures that represent an event in the month, for example choose one of Halloween in October or a Christmas picture for December. Use rubber cement to stick the pictures to the calendar making sure that you cover the original illustration. If you cannot find any appropriate photos, try drawing your own pictures and illustrations. This will give the calendar a strong personal touch; a great homemade gift for Grandparents.

Frames, whether they are for pictures, mirrors or a drawing, are always great gifts as they are something that people can use all the time. A quilted frame makes a lovely gift for Mom or for Grandma and is simple to make. Cut strips of foam (the same width as the frame) and attach them using a glue gun. Using material such as calico, wool or corduroy, cut a fabric rectangle at least one inch wider all the way around the frame. Take away the backing and the glass from the frame and place it front side down on the reverse side of the material. Cutting small wedges from each side will ensure that the fabric folds neatly over the frame. Spread glue around the frame and wrap the fabric tightly around it. Using an X-Acto blade, cut the fabric away from the inside of the frame, leave a half inch boarder and glue it to the frame. To finish, cover the back with matching fabric.

Hair scrunchies are also a great homemade Christmas gift idea. All you need is 3-4 inch wide strips of material about 18 inches long. Cotton, velvet, wool and lace are ideal for this project. Fold the strip of material and stitch into a tube shape. Turn the strip right side out and insert baby elastic (about 6 inches long) into the fabric tube. Tie the ends together tightly and then sew the fabric ends together. These make great gifts for teenage girls and young ladies.



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