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The perfect gifts for golfers this Christmas

Golfing Accessories for Xmas

Golf Christmas Gifts are an absolute must for any friend or family member who enjoys playing golf. Imagine the delight on their face when they receive the most up to date golfing gadget or accessory. Christmas gifts with a golf theme are the obvious choice for anyone who is fanatical about the sport. Whether it is something to help improve their swing or simply a set of novelty tee pegs, golf fans are spoilt for choice with the great range of gifts that are available.

For the more serious golfers amongst your friends and family, a Christmas gift that could improve their golfing technique would be most welcomed and appreciated. The Impact Bag is ideal for those who wish to increase their distance in their game. This golf accessory is designed to teach the correct position at impact and will show what timing is needed to hit a longer and more powerful shot. This gift also comes with an instructional video, so after a few weeks of practice the golfer will hopefully be enjoying an improved and more effective golf swing.

If putting is the area that the golfer needs to improve upon, a great golf Christmas gift would be the fantastic Dr Bob Rotella’s Putting Out of Your Mind. This book has helped some of the biggest and greatest golfers in the world improve their putting technique. Dr Bob Rotella explains, in an entertaining and instructive way, how good putting is the big key to winning a game. This book concentrates mainly on the mental rather than the physical aspect of putting. Dr Bob Rotella explains that the key to a great putt is in the mind and not in the stroke.

Another fantastic gift for any golfer is the Golf Watch. This clever golf accessory not only tells the time, but also makes a note of the score. The watch is simple in design and is very easy to use. In fact, the product testers say that the watch is the easiest score tracking device they had ever used.

Visiball Glasses are another unique and exciting golf-themed Christmas gift. Any seasoned golfer knows there is nothing more frustrating than wasting time looking for lost golf balls on the fairway, in the rough or in the trees, and these glasses are designed to help you avoid those times forever! This product is designed to block out most of the foliage from your field of vision and allows you to spot your lost ball quickly and effortlessly. Visiball glasses are a golf accessory that no golfer should be without.




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