Christmas Crafts and Ideas for the Holidays

Great Xmas gift inspiration for the holidays

Xmas arts and crafts

Christmas crafts can be used as gifts or as ornaments to decorate your home at Christmas time.

It is possible to find homemade crafts at local fairs or on the internet, but one of the best are the ones you have made yourself. This not only adds a unique and personal touch but it is also an inexpensive option.

If your budget is small, why not make crafts to give your friends and family at Christmas?

Herbal Wreath Project

A great Christmas craft to present to your friends and family is a herbal wreath. These wreaths can either be small, which are great for using as napkin holders or Christmas tree ornaments, or can be large which will be great to hang on doors or walls. Whichever one you choose, friends and family will be impressed with these beautifully handcrafted wreaths. To make them, all you need are grapevines (which you can find at most craft stores), 22-gauge florist's wire, a selection of fresh herbs (pick from sage, thyme, lavender, etc) and dried berries like rose hips or holly.

Firstly, make a circle with the vine and fasten it securely in place with the wire. Starting from the top, attach a big handful of herbs using the wire ensuring the stem ends are down along the curve of the wreath. Repeat this step all around the wreath, but ensure to cover the wire and stems of the previous bunch with the herbs. After the last bunch of herbs have been placed, leave at least 10 inches of wire. With the wire, wrap it back and forth around the wreath and pull it tight to hold it all in place. Finally, glue the dried berries to the wreath.


Another great Christmas craft idea is an easy-to-make pomander. This would make a great Christmas gift for mum or simply as a lovely sweet-smelling ornament to hang up in your home. All you need is an orange, a handful of cloves, some cinnamon, orrisroot, orange oil, nutmeg and a strip of ribbon. Cover the whole surface of the orange by pushing the cloves into the rind. Mix together the rest of the ingredients in a small bowl and then roll the orange in the mixture. Cover the fruit in tissue paper or netting. With the ribbon, tie it around the orange as if it were a parcel and tie into a bow at the top.


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