Christmas Crafts for Kids

Great gift inspiration and ideas for the holidays!

Xmas arts and crafts

Christmas crafts for kids are fun and easy to make. There are so many wonderful craft ideas around that the kids can be kept busy for hours and hours. Of course, not everybody is naturally creative and most of us do not feel that we have the time to make everything by hand. But there are lots of quick and easy craft ideas at Christmas time, especially for the kids.

Most children love to get involved in getting messy and making crafts for the house. This not only saves a lot of money on Christmas decorations, but it also allows the kids to add their personal and unique touch to the house for the holidays.

Fluffy the Snowman

We all know that kids love snowmen, especially at Christmas time, so how about letting the kids have a go at making their own? This is a fantastic opportunity to keep the kids busy and to make a great Christmas craft. In order to do this, you will need a white bed pillow, a stocking, a cap and scarf, big black buttons, a pair of mittens (or black felt cut out into the shape of a pair of mittens), a piece of orange felt material and some glue. For the snowman’s head, stick the stocking cap to the top of the white pillow with glue.

Make sure that you conceal the corners of the pillow underneath the cap. About a third the way down the pillow, tie the scarf around it. To make the eyes and mouth, glue the buttons onto the face. For the carrot nose, cut a circle out of the orange felt, then make a slit half way and twist to make a cone shape. Stick the edge of the nose to the snowman’s face. Stick 3 or 4 of the buttons down the front. And then glue the mittens on the front to give the snowman arms. Kids will love this cute cuddly snowman.

Popcorn Xmas Tree

How about making a Christmas craft that the kids can eat? A popcorn Christmas tree is a great idea and very easy to make. All you need is ice cream cones, frosting, green food coloring, popcorn, red M&Ms and green colored sugar. Turn the frosting green with the food coloring and then coat the outsides of the cones with it. Stick popcorn all over the frosting. Stick the red M&Ms onto the cone with the popcorn so that they look like Christmas tree ornaments. Finally, sprinkle the cones with the green sugar. These look great as table centerpieces - as long as the kids don't eat them before you get to that part!


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