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Used power tools

Used power tools are the best option for some people. For example, if you’re going to use an item every week, it’s not cost-effective to keep renting it every time. But perhaps you can’t afford the one-off cost of buying it new. So buying used power tools seems like the best compromise; you’re saving money, and you get to own the power tools outright.

However, when you buy used power tools, make sure you know what you’re getting. For example, have the tools been reconditioned before re-sale? If not, have they undergone much maintenance work? Our page on reconditioned power tools explains the difference between reconditioned and factory refurbished tools, and it helps to keep the distinction in mind when you’re deciding what to buy. You certainly get more peace of mind with factory refurbished tools, as long as they come with the right warranty.

Many dealers sell nearly-new power tools; that is, tools which aren’t in pristine but haven’t received any serious use. One example might be a former display model, which is a little shop-soiled but hasn’t been used for anything but demonstrations.

It’s also possible to get buy used power tools that are well and truly used. These are usually to be found at garage sales, or sold through classified advertisements in the local paper. Of course, there’s no way of gauging the seller’s honesty, but you can at least examine the tool and assess the damage. You can save money if you’re prepared to do the work of repair and servicing yourself. Used woodworking power tools might need replacement parts, or they might need existing parts (such as drill bits) sharpened. The same goes for used concrete power tools. If an item has been used on concrete many times, it’s likely that the parts which have direct contact with the concrete surface will need repair or replacing. Before you buy, calculate how much repairs and servicing will cost you. This puts you in a stronger bargaining position, although it may also discourage you from buying at all.



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