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Tradesman power tools have a rather misleading name. Firstly, they’re not made just for tradesmen, although plenty of professionals swear by the Tradesman brand. Secondly, they’re not made by a company called Tradesman.

The brand actually belongs to a company called Rexon Industrial, which is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of power tools. Rexon sells power tools under many different names in many different countries, but here in the US, we know them as Tradesman power tools.

If you’re looking for air tools, there are plenty of Tradesman-brand items that fit the bill. For example, the 18-gauge brad nailer has a magazine capacity of up to 110 brad nails. But where this nailer really wins out is in ease of use. It weighs just a little over one and a half pounds, and that’s partly thanks to the magnesium housing; lightweight but durable. It also has a rubber molded grip to reduce operator fatigue. The 18-gauge brad nailer is even easy to un-jam; the “quick release nose” allows you to clear jams without the use of extra tools. And if you’re worried about the effect on your workspace, you’re in luck, because the removable nosepiece cuts down on scratches.

Perhaps you’re looking for other Tradesman power tools, such as bench tools or drill presses. If so, check out the BD460VW variable speed belt/disc sander. The motor speed varies from 2160 to 3600 RPM, and it can be used for disc or belt sanding. There’s also a dust collection system to keep the work area clean and stop you breathing in a minor dust-storm. The quick-release belt tension lever makes it simple to change the sanding belts, too.

In the world of bench drill presses, the DP12LW stands out because of its laser guider. Its motor has twelve speeds, and the RPM range is 250-3100. It is constructed from cast rexon, iron, and the height adjustment system on the work table allows you to raise or lower it to the correct height.

Perhaps you already have a collection of Tradesman brand power tools, but they need a little TLC before they can begin to work well again. If so, you can use the national network of Tradesman service centers for your repairs and spare parts. Call the National Service Center on 1-800 243 5114 for assistance. Visit the website at:


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