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When you’re using Sears power tools, it’s easy to get into a working rhythm and completely lose track of time. Next time you finish a job, look around and realise it’s long past dinner, you might want to reflect that the mighty Sears store began life as a small-time dealer of watches.

Back in the 1880s, Richard Sears worked for a railway station in Minnesota. It wasn’t a very taxing job, so he began a sideline selling coal and lumber. Then a jeweler sold him a shipment of unwanted watches, and Sears began selling them up and down the railway line. It was the humble beginning of an empire, one that began as the R W Sears Watch company in Minneapolis, but later became the all-encompassing megastore we know today.

The Sears store now has a large range of power tools, suitable for all sorts of different jobs. The tool sets are divided into two main categories: tool sets for mechanics and tool sets for home owners. The sets designed for mechanics include many items made by the Craftsman power tool brand. These are very affordable; for example, the Craftsman nine-piece socket set, featuring sizes 10mm through 18mm, is only $19.99, and that includes a handy socket tray for portability. The sets designed for homeowners features both Companion and Craftsman brands. Choose a set to suit your budget and needs.

If portability and convenience are important, there is a large range of portable Sears power tools, including cordless items. The 19.2 volt cordless combo kit includes a trim saw that operates at 4500rpm. It also has a reciprocating saw with variable speed and a trigger lock for better blade control. There are also many Sears power tools that are portable by virtue of their lightness and manageability, even though they’re corded. For example, the Companion 10 amp circular saw has an ergonomic palm grip to make it easy for both left-handed and right-handed users. The Craftsman 11 amp circular saw is a chunkier model, but it benefits from a powerful motor and a speed of 4800rpm.

Perhaps you already own a set of Sears power tools, but they’re getting a little old and need some spare parts to restore them to their former glory. If so, you’re in luck. Sears proudly claims on the website that they have parts to fix all major brands, no matter where you bought them. The website ( also has an online tool that allows you to find out what part you need by entering the model number into an online form. There’s also a store locator feature that lets you find the branch of Sears nearest to you.


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