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Understanding a Power Tool Review

Power tool reviews

Power tool reviews are very helpful when you’re trying to work out which tool is best for your needs. If you read through the comments online, or browse articles in home improvements magazines, you can benefit from the experience of people who have tried a whole bunch of tools.

However, some power tools reviews can be a little confusing, because they use a lot of technical terminology. This page aims to cut through the jargon associated with power tools reviews.

Amp: the standard measure of electrical current.

Amp-hour: measure of a battery’s storage capacity.

Battery life: how long a battery can run before it needs to be replaced. Usually expressed in hours of use. Sometimes also expressed as the possible number of recharges. Not to be confused with storage capacity.

Circular saw: a saw with a circular blade, used for heavy-duty work such as cutting wood.

Delta: the D-shape on the head of a sander. Useful for sanding awkward spots and small areas.

Drill bit: the part of the drill that actually has contact with whatever you’re drilling.

MSRP: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.

NIB magnet: Neodymium Iron Boron magnet. A powerful magnet used in power tool motors. Also known as “rare earth” magnets.

NiCad: Nickel Cadmium. A type of rechargeable battery used in cordless power tools. Also abbreviated to NiCD.

NiMH: Nickel Metal Hydride. A type of rechargeable battery used in cordless power tools. They have a greater capacity than NiCad batteries, and are more environmentally friendly.

Nibbler: a tool for cutting sheet metal.

Palm grip: a grip allowing you to control the tool with your palm. Good for tighter control and small areas.

Pneumatic: powered by compressed air. Pneumatic power tools are also known as air-driven power tools.

RPM: Rotations (or Revolutions) Per Minute. A measure of the speed of any rotating device. In the context of power tools reviews, it means the speed of a power tool’s motor.

Random-orbit sander: a sander that moves in a random way to create a smooth finish.

Rare-earth magnet: a powerful magnet used in power tool motors. Also known as NIB magnets.

Storage capacity: the length of a battery’s charge. Measured in amp-hours. Not to be confused with battery life.

Voltage: the standard measurement of electrical power.


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