Reconditioned Power Tools vs Refurbished

Reconditioned Power Tools

Reconditioned power tools

Reconditioned power tools can be bought from many sources, but the Internet is an increasingly popular area for the sale of these tools. Reconditioned power tools are available in many different brands and styles. Used tools are bought in bulk by reconditioning firms, who carry out repairs before selling them on. A reputable reconditioning firm will carry out thorough checks and a servicing before reselling.

Even the best reconditioned power tools usually don’t have the appearance of new tools. They usually look as if they’ve been used, and they don’t come in the fancy original packaging. However, if you buy from a reputable vendor of reconditioned power tools, you will get good tools at lower prices.

Reconditioned power tools versus factory refurbished tools

What makes factory refurbished power tools different from other reconditioned power tools is that the restoration, servicing and quality checking is carried out by the original manufacturer, in a certified restoration center. That means that factory refurbished power tools usually come with a warranty from the original manufacturer. When they’re first returned to the manufacturer, they can be in a used or unused state; some are former display models, while others are from cancelled orders. After the refurbishment process, these power tools have usually been restored, serviced and checked by the company that made them in the first place.

However, when you buy brand new power tools, there are certain extras that you take for granted: manuals and batteries, for example. These don’t always come with factory refurbished power tools.

Some companies sell both reconditioned power tools and factory refurbished tools. They source tools from outside reconditioning companies as well as from the original manufacturers. Other companies sell just one kind or the other. For example, all reconditioned power tools from Tools for Less ( come with new tool warranties from the original manufacturers.

Some manufacturers sell their own reconditioned tools, thereby cutting out intermediaries. For example, Bosch have an authorized dealer known as CPO or Bosch Reconditioned. When you buy reconditioned tools direct from a well-known manufacturer, you know you’re getting guaranteed quality and a warranty, while you still save between 20 and 30 per cent when compared to the price of new tools from the same company.



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