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You know you’ll have to buy power tool parts at some point, but it’s usually the aspect of owning power tools that we all hate the most. Finding out about replacement parts and repairs is nowhere near as fun as trying out brand-new power tools in the hardware store. However, although a power tool is more than the sum of its parts, a lack of spare parts makes the tool unusable.

Most of the big power tool brands make it fairly easy for you to get hold of spare parts. It’s all part of creating a quality service to go with the quality tools. If you don’t have the service to back up the product, the brand’s reputation suffers.

Most companies are using the Internet to make it easier to obtain spare parts. For example, Delta allow you to order replacement parts directly from the website at www.deltawoodworking.com. (Look for the link to SERVICENET.) Bosch power tool parts are available from various suppliers, which can be located using the Service Center Locator on the website (www.boschtools.com). Milwaukee power tool parts can be found in a similar way; check out www.milwaukeetool.com.

It’s not as easy to find Ryobi power tool parts through the official Ryobi website. However, Machine Mart (www.machinemart.co.uk) stocks Ryobi parts, and so do other outlets. The Machine Mart website has a useful store finder for locating parts suppliers.

Some brands don’t take responsibility for helping you find replacement parts. They’re usually the less-famous brands, and the tools tend to be cheaper. That doesn’t mean the power tool parts aren’t out there; it just means that the company doesn’t devote the resources to maintaining a helpline or a service center locator. This means you have to do a little legwork, asking around at hardware stores and searching the Internet.

Of course, the best way of avoiding repair-related frustration is to ask the right questions when you buy the tool in the first place. Are replacement parts kept in the store you’re buying the power tool from? Are repairs carried out in the store? If the answer to the first two questions is no, then can the salesperson recommend somewhere? Can spare parts be ordered from the manufacturer’s website?

Of course, if you’re of an optimistic turn of mind, you probably won’t be thinking about spare parts when you’re buying a new tool. You hope it’ll actually last, right? However, it’s essential to think about parts and repair before you buy. One good analogy is with buying a new shirt. Some shirts come with a couple of spare buttons, so that when a button falls off and is lost, you can sew on one of the spares. However, the shirts that come with the spares never seem to actually lose the original buttons, although other shirts do. The reason for this is that a shirt-maker that takes the time and care to provide spare buttons will also take time and care over sewing the original buttons on properly. In the same way, a company that provides good after-sales service and makes it easy to obtain spare parts is a company whose power tools are likely to last longer.


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