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Panasonic power tools are made by a company with global influence as well as expertise in the field of machinery. Panasonic lend support to academic institutions, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where the company established a professorship, and Harvard Business School, where Panasonic endowed a chair in leadership. On the cultural side, Panasonic supports traditional Japanese arts and crafts, and has been an official sponsor of the Olympic Games.

In the world of power tools, Panasonic have developed a range of tools that utilize cordless technology. Panasonic power tools benefit from the latest developments in battery and charger technology, which means that you can use these tools for longer without stopping to recharge. They’re also designed for maximum usability. For example, the 24 volt Rotary Hammer has a high-capacity NiMH battery (3 amp-hours) as well as a dual function that allows you to use it as a rotary hammer or drill. It also has a soft rubbery grip to make it easier to use.

If you’re looking for cordless drills, Panasonic have a range to choose from. The 2.4 volt drill and driver has a two-speed gearbox and a multi-stage clutch. It weighs just under a pound, including the batteries. If you’re after something more powerful, the 12 volt drill and driver has a variable speed and an 18-stage clutch. It has a powerful battery (3 amp-hours) and weighs just under four pounds. Or there’s the 18 volt drill and driver, which is capable of high-speed brick and masonry drilling. The battery has 3.5 amp-hours, and the whole thing weighs just under six pounds. The 18 volt model is capable of a drill speed of 1550 RPM.

The range of cordless Panasonic power tools also includes a couple of saws. The 15.6 volt metal cutter has a 135mm blade size. There’s also a shaft lock button for easy blade replacement. Or there’s the 18 volt reciprocating saw, which has a compact body (a length of 491mm) and a straight-back bi-metal blade.

Perhaps you’re no stranger to the delights of Panasonic power tools, but yours are looking a little the worse for wear and you want to know where to get spare parts. The Panasonic website ( can help you out. The Customer Support section of the site allows you to search by postcode for your nearest service centre.


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