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Makita power tools are made by a company that established a reputation for quality even before it made its first tool. Makita was originally famous for manufacturing electric motors, and didn’t make its first tool until 1958. Now the company is one of the world’s biggest makers of power tools.

If you’re looking for air-powered Makita power tools, there are plenty to choose from, including a range of nailers, staplers and compressors. Metalworkers will also find plenty in the Makita range; there are many different kinds of angle grinder, including some with a “super joint system” to prevent kickback. The metalworking section of tools also includes cut-off saws, polishers, nibblers, shears and blade sharpeners.

There is also a range of cordless Makita power tools, ranging from 4.8 volts to 24 volts. The higher-power tools include a cordless rotary hammer kit that drills up to 150 holes with a single charge. The cordless 24V impact wrench is a fast mover, delivering up to three thousand impacts a minute.

Battery life is fairly good for Makita power tools. For example, the 18-volt battery on the cordless jigsaw lasts longer than the batteries of comparable products, and the 18-volt battery on the cordless driver-drill are NiMH batteries with a long run time.

Makita also make accessories to go with the power tools. For example, the dust collection nozzle helps to minimize debris, and the circular guide helps you to make accurate curved shapes. There’s also a handy tool organizer made of water-resistant material for extra durability.

If you already have Makita power tools, you might need spare parts to keep them running. If so, the Makita website ( has a handy service center locator. Enter your Zip code, state or city, and the site will tell you where to go for free repair estimates and more. The service centers aim to do your repairs within 48 hours.


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