Industrial Power Tools - What's Available?

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Industrial power tools

Industrial power tools are a little more heavy-duty than power tools designed for use around the home. However, the basic designs are often the same for industrial and domestic power tools. For example, many industrial drills are built on the same pattern as domestic drills – it’s just that they’re to a larger scale.

However, there is a great variety of industrial power tools out there, including a wide selection of drills. Aircraft drills, circuit board drills, hole-enlarging drills, solid spade drills and spotting drills are all examples of the drills available in the world of industrial power tools.

There are also plenty of industrial power tools in the field of saws and cutters. For example, jewelers’ saws look like tiny jigsaws, but they’re very useful for cutting wood, plastic, rubber and thin metal. You don’t have to be a jeweler to use one, just someone who needs to do precision work.

When you’re buying industrial power tools, don’t be afraid to shop around for bargains. Compare prices online and in real life before you make your final decision, but if you’re ordering on the Internet, make sure you take into account the cost of postage when you’re doing your calculations. Many companies offer a discount for large orders, but this may not be well advertised, so it’s up to you to call up and find out if such discounts are available. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

If you’re buying industrial power tools on behalf of the company you work for, you have to be careful in your choices, because you’ll probably have to justify your buying decisions to management. This means that you need to consider such things as warranties and service arrangements. A machine that seems like a bargain because of its low price won’t turn out to be such a bargain if it breaks down after a few months and there is no servicing cover. Reliability and contingency plans for possible malfunctions should be considered when you make your decision.








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