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Garden power tools

There’s a certain appeal to garden power tools; the idea of taming nature with mechanical force, battling the elements to create order, is, well, powerful. But which garden power tools are essential, and which are exciting but unnecessary toys? It all depends on the kind of garden ysou have.

For example, chainsaws are probably the most exciting garden power tool on the market. But do you really need one? The answer is probably no, unless you have a large garden and you need to hack down trees.

The average garden doesn’t really need one. However, if you have a lawn, you’ll find that a mechanical lawn mower is almost essential. Non-mechanical mowers are too time-consuming for all but the smallest lawns. If you have a very large garden, you might want to consider buying a sit-on lawnmower (otherwise known as a lawn tractor or riding mower). These are also good if you have mobility problems, even if your garden is average-sized or small. For smaller gardens, look out for the cutting width. A sit-on mower for smaller gardens should have a cutting width of less than 36”. This small cutting width allows for more precision and a smoother lawn. Larger lawns require a cutting width of more than 38”, in order to cover the ground more quickly.

A leaf-blower is another very useful tool. There’s no point having a perfectly landscaped lawn and beautiful flower beds if everything is covered in a blanket of autumn leaves and other debris. A leaf-blower helps to keep your garden looking as you intended. Ryobi has a wide range of leaf blowers (as well as other garden power tools). For example, the Mulchinator RESV1300 allows you to go from leaf blower to vacuum with the flick of a switch. As the name suggests, it also has a mulching feature.

One final piece of advice: when buying garden power tools, always check out the decibel level. Unhappy neighbours make gardening a stressful and time-restricted experience, so check out the volume and enjoy a more peaceful time.







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