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How to get a discount

Discount power tools

We all love a bargain, and discount power tools can mean big savings. But it’s not always easy to work out just where those discounts are to be found. The answer is that they’re not always advertised with a big sign saying “DISCOUNT”. To get the best deals on power tools, you need to do some legwork.

Your first stop is the power tools store. Don’t go when it’s busy. If possibly, head over during a very quiet time, such as a Tuesday morning. Saturdays are usually the worst time for getting discounts, because they’re the busiest. One good way of getting discounts is to ask if the display model of your chosen power tool is on sale for a discount.

Many stores are happy to sell these at a lower price to customers, although you may have to wait until the display is over. The reason you should visit the store during the week is that the quieter the store is, the more likely you are to get to see the manager. The higher up the managerial chain someone is, the more likely they are to have the authority to issue discounts. Junior staff rarely have the authority to make such decisions.

However, even the store manager might not have the authority to give one-off discounts if the shop is part of a large chain of home improvement stores. Such stores sometimes have a company policy of never offering discounts, and the manager won’t be able to bend the rules for you. However, if you shop in a smaller place, you’re less likely to have this problem. The manager of a smaller tool-shop might even be happy to offer discounts for a large order.

Your second stop is the Internet. This is a useful resource both for price comparison and for actual shopping. Online discount power tool stores don’t have the same costs as brick-and-mortar stores: the staff, the display shelving, the lighting, the soft music... That means that they can offer very competitive prices. However, don’t assume that it’s a good deal just because it’s on the Internet. Always check the price of the same item across a number of different websites before you commit to making a purchase.

Remember too that discount power tools might not always be a bargain if the online store charges you over the odds for delivery. Make sure you’re aware of the total costs involved before you part with your money.



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