Cheap Power Tools - Why paying more is worth it

Avoiding the pitfalls when buying cheap power tools

Cheap power tools

Cheap power tools usually seem like a great bargain when you see the prices. But you should always exercise caution before you go ahead and spend the cash.

There are many pitfalls associated with buying cheap power tools; this page is here to help you avoid the major mistakes.

  1. Look for a warranty. Some tools have been factory refurbished, in which case they will have been repaired to the standards of the original manufacturer and usually come with a guarantee from that manufacturer. If your cheap tools don’t come with any kind of guarantee, this should be a warning sign.
  2. Ask to try out the tools. If you’re buying your cheap power tools face to face, rather than online, you should be able to pick up the tools and handle them. At the very least, the seller should offer a demonstration.
  3. Choose your sources carefully. Finding a legitimate seller in the first place is the best way of avoiding being ripped off with substandard merchandise. Learn from the experiences of friends by asking them for recommendations.
  4. Check out the power supply. Are your cheap power tools cordless, or do they come with leads? What seems like a bargain might be a bad deal when you find out that the battery can’t hold a charge for longer than a few minutes. You should examine the battery or power leads as carefully as you examine the power tool itself. If the item is cordless, get it in writing that the battery is included, or you might find yourself paying extra.
  5. Think about safety. A bargain isn’t worth injuring yourself for. What safety features are built into the tool itself? Does the warranty back this up? Electrical power tools are safe when they’re working well in the right hands, but there is potential for things to go wrong, so check, check, check.

There are some genuine bargains to be had in the world of power tools, but sometimes cheap power tools aren’t as good as they look. After all, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If money is tight, consider power tools rental as a way of getting important tasks out of the way without investing in your own set of tools.

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