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Bosch power tools in the US are made by the North American branch of the biggest power tool manufacturer in the world. Bosch is a German company, and works towards US-European relations in various ways, including the sponsorship of a fellowship program enabling young American professionals to work and study in Germany.

As well as using its global power to cement Teutonic-American relations, Bosch is also getting on with the serious business of making power tools. The range is extensive, from drills to grinders. Woodworkers will love the Bosch sanders and planers. Most of Bosch’s finishing sanders feature a canister system known as the Bosch Microfilter. This collects the dust and minimises mess. Another popular feature of Bosch power tools is the Woodrazor micrograin carbide blade. You’ll find it on all Bosch planers.

There’s also an extensive range of cordless Bosch power tools. These include cordless planers, drills, rotary hammers and saws. It’s also possible to buy cordless combo kits, such as the 24V 4-piece combo kit, containing the Brute Tough Hammer Drill/Driver, the 24V Reciprocating Saw, the 24V Circular Saw and a 24V flashlight.

If you already own Bosch power tools, perhaps you want to purchase spare parts to keep them running smoothly. The Bosch website ( has a Service Center Locator that allows you to search for the nearest parts supplier. All Bosch cordless power tools are eligible for the three-year Provantage tool protection program. This means that, during the first year after buying your tool, you can return it and get a replacement for any reason (except abuse, non-intended use and normal wear). During the second and third year of ownership, you get free tool repairs. Some corded tools are eligible for Provantage too.







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