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Black and Decker power tools have managed that most British of achievements: becoming quietly famous. The best example of this phenomenon is Delia Smith; when you cook a recipe, your friends may well ask “Is it one of Delia’s?” The surname is unnecessary. In the same way, when you tell someone you’re “getting out the Black and Decker” your friends know that you’re planning a weekend of hard work with power tools.

It might be surprising to learn that Black and Decker is a company of American origin. It began when two young businessmen started a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland. Things really took off when they patented a pistol grip and trigger switch for one of their drills, and expansion continued over the following decade until Black and Decker became a global company.

Black and Decker may be well-known for producing tools to help you put up shelves and strip wallpaper in your home, but there is also an extensive range of Black and Decker garden tools. For example, there are plenty of hedge trimmers to choose from. The 12V cordless hedge trimmer is particularly good for lighter tasks, because it has a two-handed design, making it more easily maneuverable. It also has low-vibration blades that make it easier to use. If you’re looking for heavy-duty Black and Decker garden power tools, check out the chainsaws. The 30cm chainsaw with tool-free chain tensioner allows you to adjust it easily without the need for extra tools. There’s also an anti-kickback feature, for safety.

If you already have a collection of Black and Decker power tools, you might be wondering where to find the spare power tool parts to keep them looking as good as new. Spare parts can be bought through any of Black and Decker’s authorized repair agents. You can search for your nearest repair agent online at If you can’t find an agent within a convenient distance, it is also possible to order spare Black and Decker parts from a number of mail order suppliers in different regions. The contact numbers for these suppliers can be found on the same web site.


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