Air Power Tools

How do they work? What are the advantages of air hoists?

Air power tools

Air power tools, otherwise known as pneumatic tools, are a popular alternative to other kinds of power tools. For example, one of the most popular types of nail gun is a pneumatic nailer, where the power behind the nails comes from air. The way air power tools work is a little like how water pumps work. Air is drawn in and then pushed along by a piston, which pushes a supply of compressed air into what’s called an air reservoir. It’s the pressure from that compressed air that drives the nails into the wall.

Most air power tools work in a similar way. It’s all about the pressure you get when you compress air, and the power released from that pressure. It’s possible to buy air hammers, air drills and other items that work on the same principle.

Air compressors are what you need to power your air power tools (unless you have an all-in-one-unit). The Quincy Air Master series is good because it delivers a lot of air, and its sturdy construction makes it long-lasting, but there are many other models on the market too.

Air power tools: the advantages of air hoists

Air hoists are the most popular choice in industry for a number of reasons. Firstly, they don’t heat up in the same way as an ordinary motor, so they can be operated continuously without needing time to cool off. Secondly, they don’t require much maintenance. The air pressure that runs the motor also serves to keep out dirt, moisture and anything else that might corrode it. Thirdly, users of air hoists avoid the potential hazards and breakdowns that you get with electrical systems.


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