Power Tool Accessories

Popular accessories for: dewalt, Black and Decker and Bosch

Power tool accessories - drill bit

It’s true that power tools have a strange magnetism about them. Aficionados easily lose themselves in the speed of a new power drill, the force of a electric hammer or even the steady buzz of a jigsaw. Awed by the sheer power of power tools, it can be easy to overlook the smaller details such as the most basic power tools accessories.

However, keep in mind that no matter how fancy your new tool, no project is complete without the full range of accessories. No matter if you’re planning a home improvement project, reorganizing a warehouse or tackling a commercial development, any task can be made easier simply by keeping a number of the most basic power tools accessories on hand.

For example, tool belts top the list of must-have power tools accessories. Dewalt offers a fantastic belt made from super-tough ballistic nylon. With two heat-formed pouches that never lose their shape, double-stitched seams and plenty of riveting, the Dewalt model no. D5100 ($80) offers durability as well as plenty of tool-organizing space.

Black and Decker also offers a terrific belt in their trademark colors of black and yellow; with one tool pouch (with 12 pockets), a separate metal hammer holder and a 8-pocket nail pouch, the Black and Decker model no. D5101AM ($98) is another great option for a tool belt. If you prefer to keep your tools contained in an easy to carry bag, Bosch offers a heavy-duty tool bag that is 18” long, 15” wide and 12” high; perfect for fitting any tool you need on the go ($30).

Aprons also make the cut for must-have accessories because they provide the appropriate amount of protection and utility. No matter if you’re into carpentry, painting or simple warehouse tasks, an apron holds extra nails, keeps your clothes clean and even keeps that tape measure within reaching distance.

What’s the one most likely accessory to be found in every workshop? A mask. No matter if it’s a carpenter’s, painter’s or surgeon’s mask, simply keeping covering on your face helps prevent paint fumes, sawdust and chips from assailing your breathing passages.

Speaking of protection, gloves and knee pads are just as important as masks when it comes to keeping your digits and joints healthy, happy and protected. Gloves prevent slippage when handling dry wall, help protect hands when cutting glass, tile and wire, and give extra grip when manipulating tools.

Knee pads help knee cartilage last longer by removing the strain of squatting on your joints. You can find pads designed for carpenters (who kneel on wood and concrete), gardeners (who kneel in the dirt and encounter moisture) tile layers (who work on concrete and hard tile surfaces). Dewalt offers a pair of work pants designed with knee pockets that allow the easy insertion of knee pads. These pants, the Dewalt TKX1 Pilot Trouser Knee Pad ($30) are great for those considering a project that requires a lot of kneeling.




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