Power Tools: Angle-grinders, jig-saws, nailers...

A Guide4Home indroduction into the world of power tools

Power tools

Angle-grinders, jig-saws, nailers, hammerdrills… the world of power tools is a confusing place. There’s so much on offer, and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to choose. For example, even if you pick the best drill for the job, how do you know you’re choosing the exact right size of drill bit?

And what if you pick a cordless tool for convenience, only to find that it keeps running out of juice at crucial moments? Negotiating the huge choice available is a tough job, but this website is here to help you through it.

Power tool design has become steadily more ergonomic over the past few years, which is great news for you, the operator. Perhaps it’s part of a wider manufacturing trend, which sees everything from razors to cleaning products becoming more user-friendly. Or perhaps it’s recognition that even the most powerful tool won’t help you do the job well if it’s too heavy to lift and leaves blisters on your hands. So look out for power tools with molded rubber grips and light casing.

Another important trend in the design of power tools is the advent of the cordless power tool. These are great for left-handers as well as for houses with awkwardly placed plug sockets, and they reduce the necessity for a tangle of cables. However, with this innovation – as with many new inventions – comes a new set of problems. When you get rid of the trailing power cables, how do you get enough power into the tool to complete the job? The manufacturing industry has responded to the problem with gusto, recognizing three main desirable factors: battery life, length of battery charge and lightness. The latest crop of cordless tools combines these desirable aspects, but there is plenty of room for improvement, so watch this space.

Power tool designers, when considering an operator-centered model, are also thinking about the operator’s immediate environment. In other words, they’re working on minimization of dust, to protect the user’s lungs and maintain a clear workspace. This means that many of the latest power tools have great dust-collectors to keep the air clear. Some engineers are considering the environment in a wider sense, creating energy-efficient gas-powered tools that don’t create as much pollution as conventional ones. This is another area where we can expect to see exciting innovation in a few years’ time.

As power tool users, we’ve never had it so good. The latest tools are more powerful than their predecessors, and they’re designed with us in mind. The choice can sometimes be a little daunting, but at least we have a wide choice. So enjoy the process; read the reviews, learn a little and ask the hardware store if you can try out the tools to see what works best for you. If you have the best information to hand, you’re halfway to making the best decision.


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