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Werner ladders

Werner ladders are one of the heavyweights of the ladder industry, with products for both commercial and domestic use.

Werner Co has a rich history that started back in 1922 as a floor covering company that sold carpet bindings and thread, as well as metal floor and wall molds. Through the years the company evolved and the 1950s saw it branch into the design and manufacture of climbing products.

Initially, aluminum ladders and scaffolding were their specialty, but over the years as technology advanced, they expanded their product lines to cover every type of climbing equipment made, including wood, aluminum and fiberglass.

Werner’s current product range caters for both domestic and commercial use, and includes step ladders, extension ladders, step stools, platform ladders, commercial work platforms, stages, planks, ladder jacks, attic ladders and ladder-related accessories.

The company also has a color-coded ladder performance system which allows buyers to choose the right type of ladder (strength-wise) for their needs by associating a color with the duty rating of a ladder. For example a Type I rated heavy duty industrial use ladder is colored blue, whereas a Type III rated light-duty ladder is coded with the color red. This is to help customers easily distinguish the different types apart when buying for a certain use, such as industrial or electrical work.

For further information about Werner step ladders and their products, log-on to their website at www.wernerladder.com or telephone them directly on (724) 588-8600. The website features several useful areas, including a full product catalog and a section on how to choose the correct ladder for your needs.



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