Telescopic Ladders

Features of telescopic ladders

Telescopic ladders

Telescopic ladders are compact and lightweight, making them the perfect option for people who need a portable ladder but have limited storage space (such as the trunk of their car) available to them.

This type of ladder is designed to extend out from its storage height of a couple of feet through to approximately 12ft (this varies depending on the brand and size of each ladder). Most designs extend upwards in 1ft increments from the ladders closed state. This means that if you only need a six foot ladder for the job you are doing, then you can extend out the length of ladder you need, lock it in place without having to extend the whole ladder out.

As each section goes up, it is locked in using spring-loaded bolts in each rung. It is extremely important to check that each rung is secure before using this type of ladder otherwise users are susceptible to a nasty fall. Each ladder is fitted with a release mechanism to close the ladder back into its condensed state.

While this type of step ladder is versatile and compact, it shouldn’t be used for heavy duty work, as most are only rated to hold approximately 225lbs.

Telesteps, Xtend & Climb and Werner ladders are three of the most popular brands of telescopic ladders available on the market. Customers can expect to pay around $280 for a 12½ ft ladder.


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