Step Ladders

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Step ladders

Step ladders are an essential tool to have around the home to help with getting to those hard to reach places. Whether it be getting something down from the pantry, cleaning cupboards or hanging a picture on the wall, step ladders make life easier for most.

Step ladders are designed with large flat steps on them (rather than rungs) which makes for easy placement of the foot. Many feature a large extended frame from the top of the steps which allows the user to hold onto so they can balance themselves and prevent falls from the ladder.

This type of ladder comes in a wide range of materials to suit the style of a home. Wooden step ladders are ideal for a country style home that has a lot of wood finishings in it such as benches and doors, whereas aluminum step ladders would be best suited to a modern and contemporary apartment. They are also easy to store around the home.

Smaller versions of this ladder are called step stools. These feature only one or two steps, and no frame handle, and unlike their ladder counterparts, users can stand on top of these stools.

Werner is one of the most popular brands of step ladders, with prices starting at approximately $40.



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