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Ladder safety

More people die from falls than any other type of accident on construction sites in the United States of America, hence the need for proper ladder safety techniques.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA), during the years 1995 – 1999, the average number of fatalities from falls per year was 362.

If not used correctly, ladders can be extremely dangerous, but by following some simple guidelines and tips, falls can be prevented.

• Before even picking up the ladder, check that it meets the safety standards set by the OSHA and also its load capacity duty rating, so that it is able to handle the work it is about to be used for. Also check that all the parts are secure and not damaged.

• When positioning the ladder, make sure it extends at least three feet past the landing point.

• In order to stabilize the ladder, secure the top of it to the landing point if possible.

• For step ladders – make sure the spreader is secure before use, and also never stand on the top of the ladder.

• For extension ladders – Don’t stand on the top three rungs of the ladder and also don’t try and move it while in use.

• If the ladder is being used near power lines or for electrical work, made sure that it is a fiberglass, not an aluminum ladder as they conduct electricity.

• For every four feet that the ladder rises up, the bottom of the ladder should be placed 1ft from the resting point. For example if the ladder is 16ft high, the base should be placed 4ft from the object it is leaning against.

Proper ladder safety techniques and checklists are vital to ensure the user’s health and safety is kept in tact.


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