Platform Ladders

Features and types

Platform ladders

Platform ladders are a painter and decorator’s best friend as they not only hold the worker themselves, but they also hold their work tools and products.

Not just the sole domain of painters alone, this type of step ladder can be used in any type of environment where they are exposed to extended periods of elevated standing.

There are two main types of platform ladders – the first is where the platform is integrated into the top of a single ladder, whereas the second type involves two separate ladders that hold a large platform supported between both ladders. They are commonly constructed with aluminum or steel.

The single ladder type is used more for domestic use, with people painting around their own home. When buying this design, make sure that it has a strong safety/handrail at the top of the steps so that users are supported at all times.

The two-ladder design is more commonly used in commercial applications and also comes as a rolling option.

An important feature to look for when buying this type of ladder is to get a platform that has a slip-resistant surface so that neither the user nor their tools can slip off easily.

As the designs of platform ladders differ greatly, prices too vary. They can start from around $50 for a basic model and can cost more than $1000 for a commercial model.



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