Loft Ladders - What to Consider

Utilise your Loft Space

Loft ladders

Loft ladders are essential if you are wishing to use loft space as an extra storage area in your home.

Also known as attic ladders, loft ladders fold down from the ceiling hatch, giving access to the storage area. They are most commonly made of either wood or aluminum, as these materials are cost-effective yet sturdy and robust for the job at hand.

Loft ladders - a popular fixture in the - usually come complete with the hatch door, frame and ladder and are ready to install directly into the ceiling. The ladder can either fold down (either in sections or as a concertina) or slide down.

While some ladders are designed for the basic function of giving access to the ceiling, others come with more luxurious features such as spring loading to assist in easier unloading and retraction; safety handles; and non-slip steps or rungs. These extra features may be important to buyers who will be using the ladder regularly.

When buying, an important thing to check is the dimensions of the area that the ladder is to be installed in. Measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor, and if you are placing it in a hallway area, also measure the width of the area. These will be needed when buying so that you get a ladder that fits the area it is to be fitted in.

For a do-it-yourself ladder kitset, prices start at around $120, with the average cost being around the $360 mark.


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