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Little Giant ladders

Little Giant ladders took the world by storm with its unique design which allows one ladder to be used in 24 different positions. Not only can it be used as a conventional step ladder, the single ladder can be pulled apart and used as a scaffolding/ platform ladder, on uneven surfaces such as steps and also extended against structures such as houses.

The ladder was invented in Germany, but manufactured in the United States of America and has been on the market for more than 30 years. It can be used for indoor or outdoor work

Each ladder is constructed from aluminum and features double welded joints, riveted hinges (which are tested to hold more than 1000lbs), reinforced rungs and box railings.

The Little Giant Ladder System comes in three different sizes – Model 17 which has an extension height of 15ft and a storage height of 4ft7in; Model 22 which extends to 19ft and has a storage height of 5ft7in; and Model 26 which has an extension height of 23ft, and stores away at 6ft7in.

While it is extremely versatile, this type of step ladder is mainly designed for domestic use around the home.

Prices for Little Giant step ladders start at around $360 through to $440 (if purchased directly from the manufacturer) - by buyers may be able to get a discount product by searching internet dealers for a better price.

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