Library Ladders

Not just for the library

Library ladders

Library ladders need not be strictly for libraries alone anymore – they are useful all over the home or business. These step ladders help with access to anything including shelving and bookcases in any type of room, whether it be a lounge, office cellar or stockroom.

Library ladders are designed with wheels on the bottom of the ladder (so that they are easily maneuverable), and the top of the ladder is connected to a track that is fixed to the wall. The ladder can either be a permanent fixture in a room with wheels connected to the top of it to help it roll along the wall, or can be a portable version with hooks on the top of the ladder so it can be disconnected from the wall.

The rolling step ladders can be custom designed and fitted to suit the shape of the room it is being installed in. If there are countertops and other items obstructing the path of the ladder, it can be bent in the middle so that it can be easily clear these objects.

They come in a variety of materials and colors (such as wood or colored metal) to suit the interior décor of a room. They are also fitted with handrails for safety purposes, making it easy to climb and also stay on the ladder.

Library ladders are also made as free-standing units which are ideal for items stored at a lower height.

Companies that custom-make ladders will be able to give you the choice of hardware for your order (such as wheels and railings) so that the ladder matches the rest of your home.

Prices for this type of ladder starts at around $500 for self-installed model, whereas custom-made ladders cost from around $800.


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