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Ladders for the home

Guide4Home features information and advice on a range of ladders to assist you in buying a ladder just right for your personal needs. This site features information on a variety of different ladders, from brands through to various types.

Ladders are one of the great inventions that have been around since the beginning of time, but also one of the things that people take for granted in many facets of everyday life.

While ladders have the one main objective of being used to allow people to climb to elevated areas, there are a number of different types available on the market today that are designed with different functions in mind. From rolling ladders that are designed for warehouse use, through to step ladders for use in the home, there is a ladder designed for every task.

Before the dawn of the modern technological age, ladders were mainly constructed using wood. The material is still used in modern ladders, but it presents problems with the way that it rots, and also conducts electricity when it is wet. Nowadays it is used for interior applications, such as attic ladders where the wood is unlikely to corrode.

During the 20 th century when modern industry took off, the aluminum ladder was invented. It became highly popular due to its characteristics – lightweight, durable, dent- proof and crack-proof. On the downside of this great design was the fact that the metal conducts electricity, making it unsafe for use around live electrical circuits. It is also susceptible to buckling when the metal is exposed to heat, leading to the ladder being unusable.

The current favorite of the ladder industry is the fiberglass ladder. Being extremely versatile due to it being lightweight, strong and weather-proof has made it popular among various trades. But it is the fact that this type of ladder is non-conductive that makes it the most popular type of ladder available on the market. It is safe to use around live circuits and for all types of electrical work.

Also included in this section are attic, loft and library ladders.


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