Folding Ladders

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Folding ladders

People with limited storage space – whether it be in their home, business or vehicle – will appreciate the design attributes of folding ladders.

As the name suggests, folding ladders do just that – they fold up. They were specifically designed to be compact to cater for various types of people such as builders with limited room on their trucks, apartment dwellers, RV owners, small shops – anyone that has restricted space for storing a ladder and other items.

One of the more common types of folding ladder is the adjustable A-frame aluminum design. This can be sectioned into four main pieces and folded like a concertina or collapsed down where it looks like one long piece of metal. These are also great to use for accessing your attic space.

One thing to make sure of when buying a ladder that folds is that the locks are made of aluminum rather than steel, otherwise they are at risk of rusting, making the ability to fold the ladder either difficult without oiling.

A folding platform ladder is ideal if you need a step up around the house. This ladder is about a foot high and features two sets of legs with integrated steps and a flat platform for the user to stand on. The legs fold away under the platform when it is not in use. Larger ones are also manufactured for commercial and industrial use.

Folding Ladders for Professional Use

For professional use, the QuickStep Ladder ™ is one that is designed for use by law enforcement agents, firefighters and rescue workers. The ladder which folds up to the size of a briefcase, and manufacturers say it can be deployed in less than five seconds. It can hold more than 1000lbs of weight, and comes in a variety of sizes from six to 14ft.


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