Fire Escape Ladders - An Essential Item for the Home


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If the safety of your family is paramount, then fire escape ladders are an essential item to have in your home.

A fire can engulf a whole house in a matter of minutes, meaning that residents can easily get trapped on floors above the ground level with no easy escape route. By installing home fire escape ladders, you can increase the chances of your family escaping unharmed from a residential fire.

There are three main types of ladders available on the market – permanently fixed interior ladders, permanently fixed exterior ladders and portable ladders.

Permanently fixed interior ladders are anchored in a box just below an escape window on the inside of a house. When needed, the chain ladder is taken from the box and fed out the window and down the side of the house for the occupants to lower themselves to safety. This same sort of design can also be fixed to the outside of the house and used in the same manner.

For a sturdier option, a permanent outdoor ladder can be utilized. There are many different types of outdoor ladder, including telescoping/sliding ladders (which pull down from themselves to their full length), collapsible (where they retract into themselves to look like a drainpipe when not in use), and static (which are attached to the wall and are ready to use straight away). Steel fire escape ladders are the most popular for outdoor use as they won’t erode and decay like wood, making it safer for use during a fire.

Portable emergency ladders are designed to be used on any window in the house rather than just one emergency exit point. These are rung/chain ladders that have an ‘anchor’ on one end

Emergency fire escape ladders come in different sizes to suit the size of your home – for example a 15ft ladder is ideal for two-storey houses, 25ft for three-story, and 35-50ft for four-story.

When choosing a ladder, make sure that it can handle at least 1000lbs of weight.

Once installed, have a fire drill session with your family and make sure that they all know how to use the ladder – especially children so that they will be confident of getting out of the house safely in the event of a fire.


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