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Features of Fiberglass Ladders

Fiberglass ladders

For serious industrial and trade use, fiberglass ladders are the crème de al crème of the ladder industry and are the preferred choice of ladder for professionals.

This type of ladder has become the highly popular in recent years due to its construction and the fact that it doesn’t conduct electricity – a huge benefit to tradesmen such as electricians, linesmen and anyone who works near live power circuits.

Fiberglass step ladders are the strongest and highest quality of the three types of ladders available on the market today (which also includes wood and aluminum in the three types). Due to its sturdy design, it won’t decay, rot or corrode, which means that it will withstand all the tough treatment that heavy duty ladders often endure.

Another benefit of fiberglass is that it can be produced in color, meaning that ladders can be color coordinated for image-conscious businesses.

Fiberglass step ladders are great for domestic use, as they are light and easy for most people to carry. If they are of the correct grade (Type II and upwards), they can also be used for indoor commercial work. Major brand step ladders retail at around $80-$100.

Fiberglass extension ladders are ideal for jobs that need to be undertaken at height. Features to look for when buying one is mar-resistant end caps, non-slip feet, non-slip flat d-rungs and tough rung locks. Extension ladders made of fiberglass can cost anywhere from around $200 through to more than $1000, depending on their duty rating, size and manufacturer.


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