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Extension ladders

Extension ladders are designed to be used for a vast number of tasks at high levels in outdoor environments. They are adjustable so that users can set them at just the right height for the job they are doing – whether that be painting a house or clearing the gutters.

This type of ladder features sliding sections (usually two sections, although very long designs feature three sections) and the top part of the ladder is extended using a rope and pulley system. These sections are both the same length, and when extended they must over lap by at least 1½ feet (and the longer the ladder, the bigger the overlap).

So with a ladder that is advertised as being 32ft long, it will have two sections that are 16ft long each, and will extend to 28ft taking in the overlap.

Other features fitted to these ladders include a locking device that stops the extended section from moving and sliding back down when it is in use; end caps that prevent the structure from being damaged by the ladder and also from it moving.

Fiberglass extension ladders are heavier than aluminum extension ladders, but they are non-conductive unlike their metal counterparts, making them great for electrical work.

Extension ladder sizes start from as small as 6ft and go through to 60ft and are priced from around $200.

How to use an extension ladder safely:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average there were 113 fatalities each year between 1998 and 2003 from falling from ladders in the workplace. Extension ladders are one of the most dangerous types of ladders around, and using one correctly will help protect users from falls and injuries.

• Make sure the ladder extends at least one meter past the top of the landing platform

• Where possible, tie the ladder down at the top to stop it from moving

• Never overextend the ladder or it will become flimsy lose its support

• Lean the ladder at a 75deg angle onto the structure that will support it.



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