Escape Ladders - Important Purchasing Advice

5 buying tips

Articulated ladders

• Firstly, choose a ladder system that suits your family’s needs and is designed for residential use. This may be a portable or permanent ladder. Also they could be fixed to the exterior of the home (ideal for large family homes), or alternatively to the interior and released out the window when needed (this is ideal for apartments). No two families needs will be the same, so choose ladders depending on the type of dwelling you live in and which are best for you.

• There are certain features that all emergency escape ladders should have. If it is portable, it should be lightweight so that children can easily handle and carry it. Also make sure it is tested to hold at least 1000lbs of weight and is approved by the ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials) also known as the ICC (International Code Council) as well as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Another important feature is standoffs. These are like feet on the back of the ladder which rest on the building pushing the ladder away from it, making it easier to climb down.

• Check the dimensions for your house/building before you buy escape ladders. The worst thing you can do is get a ladder that is too short, so measure the height of your home (or check the plans for it) to make sure you get the correct length ladder.

• There are a number of different places to buy fire escape ladders from. These include safety product stores (at the same time you can also buy products such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets if you think they are necessary), internet retailers and department stores. For further advice, contact your local fire department who will be able to advise you about ladder retailers and brands. Just remember to shop around and look for the best deal

• Finally, teach your children how to use the emergency ladders. It is all very well having fire ladders installed in your home, but they will be useless if your children (as well as other members of the family) do not know how to use them. Once installed, have fire drills with all house members to make sure everyone knows an appropriate escape route in every part of the house.


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