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Attic ladders

Lugging items in and out of an attic is a task that few people enjoy, but the simple task of installing an attic ladder will at least make it more bearable.

In homes where an attic ladder isn’t installed as part of the attic opening, owners face the annoying task of dragging a step ladder out to gain access to their storage space.

Installing such a ladder will save this hassle and make the ladder a permanent feature to the home.

There are two types of ladder available on the market – a pull down attic ladder or a folding attic ladder.

A pull down ladder - also known as a disappearing stairway - is where the whole ladder comes down from the ceiling in one piece (rather than folding) and is completely attached to the large rectangular hatch. They are more sturdy and stable and hold more weight than their folding counterpart, but are more difficult to install.

As the name suggests, a folding attic ladder works by folding up into itself. This is ideal for a smaller attic hole/entrance, and is easy to install. If choosing this option, make sure that it holds at least 250lbs of weight.

Generally this type of ladder comes in two types of materials – aluminum or wood. Wood is the easier of the two to fold, whereas aluminum will not rot or splinter, so it comes down to personal needs and tastes as to what you choose.

Check fire code regulations in your area to see if you are actually allowed to install the attic ladder of your choice, as the laws are tight regarding firewalls – especially in garages.





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