Articulated Ladders

Features of articulated ladders

Articulated ladders

Sometimes a basic ladder alone won’t get the job done, so that’s where articulated ladders come in. Versatility is the key to this type of ladder, as it can be used not only as a step ladder, but also as a straight ladder, scaffolding or a table.

Articulated ladders feature a series of hinges or joints, meaning that they can be manipulated into various positions for different types of jobs. Its construction is similar to that of a step ladder, except that it has three sets of hinges – one in the centre of the ladder, and two on either side (effectively dividing the ladder into four equal folding sections).

Two important features to look for in this ladder are decent stabilizers on the feet and also sturdy locks on the hinges/joints. A good set of stabilizers will help to stop the ladder moving around when it is in a difficult or skew position, whereas tough locks that hold the joints in position and stop the ladder from collapsing when in use.

Articulated ladders are best constructed from either aluminum or fiberglass, as these are the two toughest materials for ladders to be made from. Depending on the length, duty rating (load capacity) and materials used to make the ladder, costs can go from around $200 each, through to about $400.


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