Aluminum Ladders: Versatile and Strong

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Aluminum ladders

Aluminum ladders have some great benefits, such as being strong (yet surprisingly lightweight), resistant to rust and corrosion, but despite all these great things, they are not ideal for industrial or heavy duty work due to their high electrical conductivity.

In saying that, this type of ladder is extremely strong and tough. It will withstand the knocks and dents from everyday wear with great ease and wont dent and crack in the process. It is also easy to maneuver around as the composition of the metal means that it is lightweight.

Aluminum step ladders are extremely versatile and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (step, extension, platform, dock etc) and can be utilized for a variety of jobs – whether it be interior painting or just for hanging decorations on the Christmas tree. As they are weather resistant, they can also be used for a range of outdoor jobs (as long as the work is not being undertaken near live powerlines or power circuits).

Be careful not to use aluminum ladders near heat as they are extremely sensitive to it. It is advisable to discard the ladder after it has been exposed to heat (even if it was only for a few minutes) as the structure of it will have been compromised and it may have a reduced load capacity.

If you are buying this type of step ladder for use in the workplace, make sure that it meets occupational safety and health requirements. Also make sure it is of the correct duty rating for the job it is being used for – only medium to extra heavy duty rated ladders should be used from commercial jobs. These can hold a load of 225lbs (medium) through to 300lbs (heavy duty).

Prices for this type of ladder vary depending on the design, brand and size. A small aluminum step ladder starts at around $30, through to around a $1000 for industrial extension ladders.





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