Bathroom Remodeling - Top Five Ideas

Consider our top 5 themes

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can be the most exciting task of all home improvements. So many people see the bathroom as a sanctuary, a place to soak in a relaxing bubble bath or enjoy beauty treatments.

Bathroom designs usually reflect the desire for peace, so the colors and fittings are designed to be harmonious. However, that doesn't mean you can't get creative with your bathroom remodeling, make the most of your small space and you'll enjoy bathing in style.

Here we present the top five bathroom ideas.

  • The seaside theme. This has been a favorite for many years, although it dips in and out of fashion. It usually means blue bathroom fixtures and retro stripy wallpaper. Shells used to be an important part of the theme, but now they're a little passé unless you incorporate them in a new way, such as with shell-shaped drawer handles. Witty touches bring seaside ideas up to date, such as black-and-white prints of people at the seaside in bygone days.
  • The under-the-sea theme. The main color scheme should - of course - be in shades of blue. Liven it up with touches of red, orange or pink - all shades designed to remind you of exotic tropical fish. This look is easy to achieve with minimal costs and could simply be a case of accessorizing cleverly.
  • The spa theme. This is all about simplicity and luxury. Fixtures should be white or off-white, and the walls painted in soothing shades such as blue or green. Accessorize with expensive beauty products in designer containers.
  • The Roman theme. This reminds us of just who invented the concept of luxury bathing in the first place. White marble fixtures are ideal for this look, and gold taps complete it. Black marble tiles are good too. The Roman look isn't for everyone - the costs are higher than other designs and it can be rather ostentatious. However, it really makes an impact if you do it well.
  • The rustic theme. Claw-foot baths are great for this, as are antique-style washstands. Add floral wallpaper and you're done.

A final point to remember about bathroom remodeling: your bathroom should be practical as well as stylish. So, for example, if you're putting up wallpaper as part of your bathroom look, you need to be aware that wallpaper doesn't last as long in the bathroom as in other rooms. You'll need to roughen the wall slightly with sandpaper before applying the wallpaper adhesive, to give your wallpaper more staying power. See our page on practical bathroom design for more advice.

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