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Negotiating the store

Home improvement store

The home improvement store can be a scary place. Sometimes it seems that retailers set endless traps to bamboozle you into spending your money on items you're not even sure how to use. However, it is possible to find your way around the store and even get some great deals, as long as you go prepared.

The home improvement store: timing is everything

If you're looking for some good deals, it's very important to go at the right time. Avoid the home improvement store at peak times such as Saturday mornings and lunchtimes. Around 10am on a week day is the best time to visit. The quieter the store is, the more likely you'll be to speak to someone with the time and skills to help you buy exactly what you want. During the week is also the best time to get to speak to the manager. The higher up the managerial chain someone is, the more able they are to make decisions about offering you discounts. This can add up to large savings if you're making a major purchase and can easily rival the best deals online.

Knowledge is power

The more clued-up you are when you enter the home improvement store, the better placed you are to get a good deal. So do your research. Be clear about what you need before you walk through the door. However, be warned that knowing exactly what you need usually makes for a more frustrating buying experience. If you enter a home improvement store with little idea about what you should buy, you will find no shortage of items that vaguely fit the bill. However, if you walk in with a rigid set of specifications, you will find that they don't have what you need in stock. However, in the long run, knowing what you want is the best option for stress-free home improvements.

The home improvement store: negotiating a discount

If you want bargains, you need to do more research. Don't just find out what the ideal tool is for the job - you should also find out where else you can buy it, and for how much. Comparing prices at other retail stores puts you in a better position to negotiate a discount. If the staff at the store won't budge on price, at least you know where else you can get the item you need.



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