Bedroom Decorating Ideas

We take a look at different ways to change bedrooms

Bedroom decorating ideas

Bedroom decorating ideas are plentiful for anyone willing to be adventurous with their chamber of slumber. The dividing and merging of style strands has led to an explosion of different ideas, many of them fusions or variations of existing ideas. When you're sifting through bedroom decorating ideas, think about what your bedroom means to you. Is it simply somewhere to sleep, or is it a place to generally relax and unwind? Is it somewhere you go when you need your space, or is it somewhere to spend time with your partner?

A minimalist look suits people who can't bear clutter in their sleeping space. This is a pared-down look with neutral colors. Furniture is to be kept to a minimum, which sometimes means getting one piece of furniture to do the work of two. (For example, can you find a wardrobe with built-in drawers?) The minimalist look works surprisingly well with natural touches, so accessorize your ivory walls with a piece of carved driftwood or a landscape painting.

However, many people are kicking against the plainness of minimalism and going for an exotic boudoir look for their master bedrooms. This means colors inspired by the Far East. Paint the walls in bright jewel colors and accessorize with richly colored bed linen. Choose a thick carpet, or put a thick rug on your present carpet.

Another popular style strand is the country house look, bringing a rustic touch to your bedroom. If you want to go the whole way with the look, choose wallpaper with cabbage roses on it. For a less extreme version, simply paint the walls in pretty spring-like shades. Then accessorize with dried flowers, perhaps in a copper jug.

Having good bedroom decorating ideas doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune carrying them out. You can create a look with well-chosen accessories without splashing out on paint, wallpaper and carpeting. If you've got a teenager or little girls who likes to change their bedroom décor almost as often as they change their socks, stick to a neutral background and furniture and update their look with soft furnishings. You can do the same for your own room if you'd like a change, for example, pine furniture and white walls are great for the minimalist look. But swap your crisp white bed linen for cozy florals and bring in an antique jug full of dried flowers. Hey, presto! You've turned "minimalist" into "rustic".

It's all about sleight of hand, making the minimum changes to create the maximum effect. Pictures on the wall are invaluable for suggesting the theme you have in mind. For example, you might decide to go for the Mediterranean look. Adding touches of blue and yellow is a great idea, but a painting of Provençal sunflowers is just the thing for bringing a little more sunshine into the room, even if it's gray outside.


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