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The importance of choice

Home improvement

Home improvements have been part of human experience since prehistoric times. The earliest art created by Homo sapiens is thought to be cave paintings in the Mediterranean area, and, although archaeologists disagree as to their meaning, it's clear that on the most literal level they represent an early form of home improvements. The need to improve our immediate surroundings seems to be hard-wired into the human psyche.

Despite its ancient roots, home improvement and DIY repair is still a very modern phenomenon. The success of TV makeover shows has, in the last few years, revived an interest in improving our living space. The world of home remodeling is linked to some very 21 st -century concepts: flexibility, accessibility, choice and conservation. The architect Le Corbusier once said that a house was " a machine for living in ", but modern home improvements take more inspiration from nature than from anything mechanical.

Nature breathes life into our decor - floral wallpaper, sandy shades, aquatic themes - while human needs dictate the nuts and bolts of design. For example, the best baths and showers are designed to be accessible to people with limited mobility, as well as providing a luxury bathing experience. And our need to be sociable is expressed in the growing trend for open-plan living.

Further considerations for home improvements and repairs

We also think about nature in a wider sense when we're improving or repairing our homes. Use of solar power is increasing all over the world, and it seems likely that this global trend will catch on in the US, especially since the introduction of financial incentives for rooftop solar equipment. Although saving money is an important aspect of the decision to install solar power, it's also part of a wider tendency to think about the environment as a whole when we carry out home improvements. The twin concerns of cost and conservation are also why many home improvement projects involve upgrading insulation coverage - it cuts down on energy bills and pollution at the same time.

However, the most important home improvement concept at the moment is choice. It means being able to adapt your living space however you want, so a dingy basement in need of repair becomes a home cocktail bar or an unused attic becomes a home office. However, sometimes the sheer range of choices becomes overwhelming, and your DIY escapade could drive you slightly crazy when trying to choose from a hundred nearly-identical bath taps. Guide4Home guides you through the maze of choices, providing down-to-earth information that you can use as a starting point for your decisions about your home décor and design. Lay down the dustsheets and let's go!


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