Sauna Stoves - The most important element !

Electric vs Woodburning

Sauna Stoves

Nearly 2,000 years ago the Finnish people came up with the idea of throwing water on to a pile of hot stones in log cabins and created the first saunas. They would be surprised to find that two millennia later saunas are one of the most popular ways of relaxing after a stressful day.

Sauna stoves are an integral part of the whole set-up of a steam sauna, and you need to know about the different types before you choose the one that is right for you.

Types of sauna stoves

Although sauna technology is advancing apace with the advent of portable and infrared saunas, traditional steam saunas with stoves are still as popular as ever and offer the most authentic experience.

Today there are two main types of stove in use, those heated electrically and those heated by burning wood.

Pros and cons

Electric sauna stoves are the most popular probably because they are cleaner, cheaper, less hassle and easier to control in the long run. But if you're the type who wants to seek out that original Scandinavian authenticity, then you'll want to own a proper wood-burning stove.

Electrically heated saunas are usually operated by using a control panel outside the sauna where the duration of the sauna and the level of heat can be pre-selected, making it especially safe when children are around. They are much quicker to warm up than woodburning versions, with some offering instant heat.

Most electric sauna stoves now contain built-in humidifiers and are coated with a special finish called Therma Safe which keeps the heater cool on the outside for safety. There are two types of control panel normally available these days, the standard thermostat-operated version and the computer-controlled type. Tylo is a reputable manufacturer of electrically heated stoves which are easy to install.

Woodburning stoves have fewer safety features than their electric counterparts, and it is trickier to control the temperature, but they do have the advantage of a traditional appearance and a wonderful aroma. Kuma ( Nippa ( are two companies making woodburning stoves.



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