Steam Saunas - Ease aches & pains with steam

What is a steam sauna?

Steam Saunas

Ever since Roman times when people would meet in saunas to socialize, they have been used in many cultures worldwide for health and relaxation. Taking a steam sauna is a great way to ease aches and pains, improve your circulation and remove toxins and poisons from your system.

What are steam saunas?

A steam sauna is basically a type of dry heat bath that you take in a well-insulated room which is most often lined with untreated timber such as pine or cedar that has been specially dried in a kiln.

Igneous rocks are heated in the stove and when they are sufficiently hot, water is sprinkled on to the rocks, causing the room to fill with steam which relaxes you and causes you to sweat, which in turn cleans out your system and detoxifies you.

The temperature of the steam sauna is controlled with a thermostat. Most home saunas and pre-built saunas come equipped with thermostats and thermometers so you can check that the temperature is not getting dangerously high.

Some popular manufacturers of steam saunas

Whether you plan to install your own sauna by means of a pre-fabricated kit or you're the type who would rather leave it to the professionals, there is something available on the market to suit everyone. Here is a list of some popular steam sauna manufacturers.

Finlandia Sauna Products, Inc: Finlandia is probably one of the oldest manufacturers in the market-place. Its sauna heaters are still made in Finland and they offer high-quality ready-made saunas from quality softwoods.

Steam Sauna Inc: For more than 30 years Steam Sauna Inc has been making quality steam and sauna rooms for all kinds of applications, from the residential to the commercial. They also offer a range of popular pre-made kits that can be easily assembled at home.

Amerec Sauna and Steam: This is another popular company offering a range of high- quality products from pre-built kits that can be easily installed by the customer, to larger family-sized home saunas that can be installed by the company.

Other popular manufacturers include Baltic Leisure, Euro Sauna, Northern Lights Sauna, and Tylo to name only a few.

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