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Portable Saunas

Sauna technology has increased apace recently, to the extent that you can now buy portable infrared and steam saunas that can be assembled virtually anywhere in your home in minutes.

Portable saunas are a great way to enjoy the health-giving and relaxing effects of the sauna experience at a fraction of the normal cost.

Types of portable steam saunas

There are two types of portable sauna currently on the market, the infrared kind and the traditional steam variety. A portable infrared sauna comes in the form of a zip-up tent with walls that are covered with super-conductive heating elements.

This type of sauna also features heated foot pads, an electronic control box and a zipper for the neck. They are easy to assemble and can be used almost anywhere in the house, so that after a strenuous day at work you can relax in the comfort of your own home and even watch TV if you wish.

Infrared saunas use a type of heat known as FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) which is similar to the energy of the sun. As the human body absorbs this kind of heat, it penetrates the skin right down to the subcutaneous tissues, where it is transformed from light to heat energy.

The effect of the heat eventually causes blood vessels to dilate, allowing the circulation of the body to improve and to help it get rid of toxins.

Portable steam saunas work on the same principle as the more traditional sauna and can also be assembled almost anywhere in the house. They come in zip-up tents and no plumbing or wiring is necessary.

Some advantages of portable saunas

Taking a sauna is beneficial for your health in all kinds of ways, whether the heat is generated by steam or by infrared. Saunas are a great way of cleansing the toxins and pollutants from your body and unwinding at the end of a hectic day. Saunas can often promote better sleep, improve your circulation and repair damaged tissue.

Aside from the health benefits, portable saunas are easy to assemble and to store away. They are lightweight and do not use much energy, taking around five minutes to reach the required temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

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