Outdoor Saunas - An Overview

General Information on outdoor saunas

Outdoor Saunas

The Finns have been building saunas in log cabins outside their homes since before the Romans invaded Britain. In the early days preparing the sauna's wood-burning stove was difficult and time-consuming work, but it's now surprisingly simple to achieve that authentic Scandinavian-style experience.

Modern saunas are usually installed inside the home, where electric heaters have made them cleaner and easier to manage. But if you are determined to make yours as traditional as possible, outdoors is the way to go. With more space to play with, only your budget will limit the level of luxury that you can achieve.

Why an outdoor sauna?

If you're pressed for indoor space but still want to enjoy the calming and therapeutic benefits of a sauna, constructing one outdoors is the obvious solution to your problems. It can be an attractive addition to your garden and provide a great place to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Outdoor saunas come in pre-built kits that you can either put together yourself or employ somebody to construct. There is a whole range on the market, from basic cabins to more the more advanced and luxurious kinds that feature showers, sound systems and even built-in bars. An outdoor sauna can be the perfect addition to a pool or spa.

General information

Outdoor saunas are most commonly made of cedar wood, which is a hard-wearing timber resilient to rot and decay. The pre-built kits for the outdoors differ from the indoor variety only in that they come with pre-made roofs designed to withstand the elements.

Most outdoor saunas come with a base, a frame, vapor barriers and insulation. They will also include all the necessary paneling for the structure (usually in cedar or pine), the flooring, the benches, the stones, heater, thermometer and thermostat, the vents and moisture-proof sauna lighting.

Outdoor saunas are relatively easy to install. All you have to provide is a good solid dry base and electrical connections, unless you opt for a traditional wood-burning stove. However, many manufacturers offer installation services if you don't feel up to the job yourself.

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