Sauna Massage - Advantages of Heat Massage

Benefits of combining sauna with massage

Sauna Massage

When one thinks in terms of Sauna Massage, the first images to come to mind are typically those of teenage school boy fantasies and steamy midnight rendezvous. Perhaps it has something to do with the naked bodies or the intense heat but somehow describing a sauna massage as 'healing' just doesn't quite seem right.

Despite the less than innocent association however, sauna massages can be both totally above board and exceptionally therapeutic.

What are the benefits of combining a Massage with a Sauna?

The main advantage to combining a sauna with a massage session lies in the fact that when the muscles of the body are warm they become far suppler and therefore respond better to treatment. Numerous health spas have recently added herbal sauna massages to their list of treatments due to the fact that guests relax more during a sauna massages than they do during ordinary massage sessions.

Many professional athletes incorporate sauna sessions into their training program. In addition to reducing water weight prior to weigh in sessions, regular sauna massages are renowned for helping to speed up recovery time after training sessions. This is especially true when sauna massages are combined with stretching exercises. After a few minutes in a sauna, the muscles of the body become warm and relaxed and more pliable. Performing stretches during a sauna session can significantly reduce the stiffness that typically results from a heavy exercise sessions and help to prevent training related injuries.

The heat of a sauna session naturally has the effect of speeding up circulation and detoxifying the body. This process may be amplified when combined with particular forms of healing massage such as reflexology and hot stone massage. In addition, most massage therapists make use of essentials oils during their treatment sessions. In many cases the ingredients in these oils are activated by heat and thus become even more effective when used in a sauna or steam room. This is particularly true of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint, all of which produce a tingling sensation when exposed to heat.

Heat Massages and Weight Loss

Many people who cannot afford costly professional massages choose to implore self massage techniques during their sauna sessions. Vigorous self massage in a heated environment is thought to aid in the break down fat cells and aid in the reduction of cellulite. In some countries it is even common practice to slap the skin gently with perfumed rags and large plant leaves so as to further stimulate circulation. While this may be effective, it is probably a good idea to spare a thought for fellow sauna guests before attacking your jiggly bits with avid enthusiasm. Chances are good they may not enjoy the whole experience quite as much as you do!

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