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Sauna Manufacturers

Once you have decided on your budget and know where you want to put your sauna, you will want to do your homework on sauna manufacturers.

Whether you want a traditional-style luxury sauna, a portable sauna unit, a pre-built sauna kit, or a system with infrared heat technology, there are plenty of brands to choose from.

Here is a list of five of the more established sauna manufacturers.


The Swedish sauna manufacturer Tylo is one of the best-known makers of quality saunas and related products, exporting all over the world. The company produces a range of reliable and durable products, from sauna heaters to pre-built sauna rooms, in various styles and layouts in various hard-wearing woods. Tylo also makes sauna accessories, steam generators, showers and hydro-steam cabins along with products featuring the latest infrared technology.

Nordic Saunas

Nordic Saunas has been in business since 1965 and is among the market leaders in the UK , providing indoor and outdoor pre-built sauna kits to suit nearly all requirements. Nordic also offers a range of infrared heat cabins for homes or businesses, along with related products and accessories.

Finlandia Sauna

Finlandia has been building quality saunas and sauna products since 1964. It specializes in pre-fabricated sauna rooms built to order and pre-cut sauna kits. It also offers a full range of quality Finnish sauna heaters and a wide choice of sauna accessories.

Amerec Sauna and Steam

merec is a renowned manufacturer of saunas, sauna rooms, sauna controls, heaters and a whole range of other sauna-related products and accessories. The company started business in 1963 and has gone from strength to strength, shipping its products all over the world.

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